Buy Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large


20 x Needles per pack


Buy Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large

Buy Lipoinject® 24G x 100mm medium-large. This product designed to perform the injection technique Intralipotherapy and it is ideal for a fat-dissolving treatment. The needles are made from premium quality German steel and guarantee a nearly painless and easy penetration when injected into the skin. Lipoinject is available in two versions for treatments of small and large areas of the body.

This Lipoinject product can be used in combination with an Intralipotherapy product such as Aqualyx that helps to dissolve fat in unwanted areas of the body.

The pack consists of:

  • 20 x Sharp needles per pack

Benefits of Lipoinject 24G x 100mm:

  • Single-use needles
  • Designed for Intralipothreapy
  • Premium quality
  • Injection area: Medium-large area
  • Type: Sharp needles


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