Buy Teosyal® RHA 2 Lidocaine 1ml


2 Syringes x 1ml per pack


Buy Teosyal® RHA 2 Lidocaine 1ml

Buy Teosyal® RHA 2 Lidocaine 1ml

Teosyal® RHA 2 Lidocaine is a wrinkle filler product based on hyaluronic acid designed to support the skin in every move while helping to preserve the vitality and softness of the face. Teosyal® RHA 2 Lidocaine is designed to smooth out more visible wrinkles that are more noticeable than just fine lines. Additionally, it can also be used to volumize lips. The product contains lidocaine, a powerful anesthetic, for a more comfortable injection.

The pack consists of:

  • 2 x 1ml syringes

Benefits of Teosyal® RHA 2 Lidocaine:

  • Preserve skin vitality and softness
  • Treat wrinkles
  • Volumize lips
  • Areas: Cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead, and crow’s feet

How long does the result last?
The results last for several months. The duration depends on the individual’s lifestyle, age, and skin type.


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