RegenACR Plus One – PRP set



RegenACR Plus One – PRP set

RegenACR Plus One – PRP se.

Regeneris®, also known by patients as “Wampirzym Liftingiem” is a special program for biostimulation of skin cells, which is based on obtaining platelet-rich plasma from its own blood.

Regeneris® contains cells and growth factors from the blood that stimulate the skin to regenerate, thanks to which it regains its youthful vitality. As a result, it becomes smoother, more flexible and clearly younger.

Regeneris® is a 100% biocompatible product, and facial skin revitalization is possible thanks to the so-called Autologous Cellular Renewal (ACR – Autologous Cellular Regeneration) – that is regeneration of skin cells, thanks to the action of own growth factors and stem cells.

Regeneris® works by activating platelets in the platelet-rich plasma to produce specific growth factors that:


  •     stimulate tissue regeneration processes,
  •     support the process of angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels),
  •     they activate mesenchymal stem cells,
  •     stimulate fibroblasts to create new collagen.
  •     Mesotherapy for the face / neck / scalp with 1 ampoule Regeneris platelet rich plasma.
  •     The treatment increases the tension and hydration of the skin, reduces wrinkles.




  •  when there are signs of aging: wrinkles, folds, furrows, crow’s feet, sunken skin, reduced skin density
  •  when the skin is tired, dry, poorly tense, its color is not the same,
  •  when we want the skin to heal faster and regenerate after treatments,
  •  when you need to fill acne scars or improve the appearance of stretch marks,
  •  when hair falls out (both women and men),
  •  when you are looking for natural products or are allergic to other products.
  •  improving the condition of the skin




  • Luer-Lok 2 x 1 ml syringes
  • 4 x 30G propellants for injection
  • 1 butterfly needle afty-Lok
  • 1 collection container
  • 1 transfer device
  • 1 RegenATS tube
  • 1 RegenBCT tube
  • 1 venploon for transfer with a length of 80 mm.



Because all components obtained in PRP are characterized by autologous origin, the risk of local immune reaction, intolerance and allergy is excluded. Contraindications are:


  •  blood diseases,
  •  cancer,
  •  pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  •  taking drugs that prolong bleeding time (eg aspirin).


Before using, read the package leaflet


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